Red Delicious Apple

I’m feeling pretty depressed now.

I’ve gain two kilos and my face is breaking out, thanks to the medication I’m on right now. Nope it’s not best pre-natal vitamins or anything but it’s equally hormonal.

I feel so darn ugly. I need something to perk me up but I have no idea what is. Good thing I found this quiz from blogthings and while it is not absolutely true, I am feeling better and just smiling away reading the results. lol!

You Are a Red Delicious Apple

You are beautiful and striking. You maintain a flawless appearance.You shine every where you go. You know how to turn heads with your style and grace.You are quite popular and well liked. People look to you for guidance, and you are a natural leader. 

You are an original and even a bit famous in the circles you travel in. You are a good role model.






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