Being More Frugal

saving-moneySpeaking of money, expenditure and savings, my home budget is seriously in need of a revision. It’s not because I’m spending like a mad woman in need of retail therapy,  but rather because everything has gotten so much more expensive these days. I mean looking at my budget worksheet right now, it’s more suited for last year’s prices than this year. At this rate, me and Azwaj got to work extra hard this year to live like last year. Petrol has increased, groceries prices have gone up, pet food prices have increased, even toilet paper has gone up 20%!

I am wondering at this point if I need to up my own blog makeover prices.  One thing is for sure, we need to be extra frugal. Perhaps we should start eating more at  home and less outside dining? Perhaps we need to use less expensive litter for the kitties (though that would mean the house might stink a bit more). I’m even considering letting go of our cable tv simply because I don’t watch tv that often anyway.

Whatever it is, I need to find more personal finance tips that might suggest some ideas on how to save money especially for those rainy days. You never know when you might get sick and need more money for that 🙁


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