Sometimes, looking for the perfect gift for someone we love is so difficult. Not because we don’t care but because we care too much and we want each gift to be as special as that person is in our lives. That being said, how about giving that someone their birthstones in the form of a pendant, ring or even earings. I know I would love to add this ring to my collection any day. It’s a Victoria Band Sterling Silver Ring with Aquamarine, my birthstone. Beautiful right?

birth ring

Here’s a list of birthstones for your reference. I think it would make a perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones… and don’t forget, since it’s December, something like tanzanite rings would be awesome to mark the festivities.

January Birthstones:
Garnet (Strength, perseverity, prosperity, health)
Rose Quartz (Emotional balance, forgiveness)

February Birthstones:
Amethyst (Wisdom, spirituality, sobriety, security)
Onyx (Relaxation, comfort)

March Birthstones:
Aquamarine (Beauty, honesty, loyalty, happiness)
Bloodstone (Endurance)

April Birthstones:
Diamond (Invincibility, clarity, purity, eternal love)
Rock Crystal / Quartz (Balance, clarity, energy)

May Birthstones:
Emerald (Patience, understanding, foresight)
Chrysoprase (Fertility, secrecy)

June Birthstones:
Alexandrite (Balance, confidence, joy)
Moonstone (Balance, good fortune, tender passion)
Pearl (Modesty, purity, beauty, happiness)

July Birthstones:
Ruby (Love, success, integrity, passion & promise)
Carnelian (Luck, safety)

August Birthstones:
Peridot (Fame, dignity, protection, success)
Sardonyx (Relaxation, security)

September Birthstones:
Sapphire (Truth, sincerity, commitment, loyalty)
Lapis (Understanding, protection)

October Birthstones:
Opal (Hope, faith, confidence)
Tourmaline (Balance, endurance, safety)

November Birthstones:
Topaz (Strength, wisdom, courage)
Citrine (Hope, cheerfulness, youth, health, fidelity)

December Birthstones:
Tanzanite (Contentment, understanding)
Zircon (Wisdom, honor, wealth)
Turquoise (New possibilities, happiness)



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