My New GLAM Bag

When we came back from errands today, I saw the PosLaju van at the lift lobby and I immediately knew that either my Egyptian cotton robes or my Glam bag has arrived.

You see, I’m expecting a few packages this week and one of them was a prize that I won when I joined Emila’s contest recently. Emila mentioned she was going to mail the handbag out this week. I was super excited but was worried that I may already have missed the mailman so we rushed upstairs. True enough I saw the notification note that the mailman has left at our front gate. We missed him by 10minutes. However since the van was still downstairs, I grabbed the note and rushed downstairs and waited by the van. lol.. And true enough, 5 minutes later he arrived. He was still around because he had another delivery on the 9th floor!

So yeay I got my new handbag and a cute little notepad with a kitty picture of it.

Thanks so much Emila.. I love my gifts! Muahs!




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