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flowersWhat woman does not like flowers right? In fact for Raya my mom spent a good whole afternoon looking for flowers to decorate the house for the special day. I, myself, love receiving flowers especially if it’s a surprise kinda of thing and not just for special occasions. Flowers really do liven up a space. Don’t believe me? Don’t you think this post is just super lively because of the image of the flower?

Though many ladies prefer roses, I much prefer lilies especially the the white ones. By the way do you know what the different flowers may mean to  the person you are giving it to? Well check out the list below so you don’t go wrong ok 🙂

White means innocence, purity, beauty and charm
Red means passion and fiery love
Pink means grace and happiness

Tulips represent an undying love
Daisies stand for romance and innocence
Lilies symbolized feminine sexuality

Ok so now you know what they mean.. go get some flowers for your loved one soon ok!



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