Old Clothes Away..

I took some time when I was back in Singapore last week to clean out my wardrobe. The intention was to get rid of some clothes so I can make way for new ones! lol!.. Ah.. the nostalgia looking at all those clothes. There are some pieces that looks so new as I’ve only worn them a few times. I tried a few pieces that I really liked but was so heartbroken to see that they don’t fit anymore. I don’t think even the best weight loss product out there can ever make me fit into those pieces again. So with a heavy heart, I have asked my mom to give them away to whoever that would want them. I hope whoever it is will enjoy those clothings as much as I have… I would have taken some pictures of those pieces but the “duh’ that I am forgotten to bring the camera so I am now left with just memories of what they look like in my head…


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