Locked In

I was checking my facebook account tonight and found an update status from Peejoy saying that a friend of his was locked in the bathroom at the Regency Hotel Alor Setar. His first status was seven hours ago followed by another status update  four hours later showing this picture.


Locked In!

OMG I would totally freak if I had to stay that long in the bathroom… which… reminds me of an incident that I had in 2004.  It was dawn and A and I had woken up to perform our prayers.  A used the bathroom and I followed suit after he finished. After I finished cleaning and still very groggy, I turned the knob and was irritated when the door refused to open. I thought it was A pulling a prank on me and told him it was a tad too early for jokes. But there was silence on the other side. So i raised my voice this time as it was getting colder in there.  Then I heard A’s voice asking me what was wrong. I told him stop holding the knob and let me out and he told me he wasn’t doing anything. I then realized that the door had jammed and I was locked in.

To make a long story short, A managed to open the door using his handyman tools after trying for about an hour. I just thank God that it happened while A was still around and not when he was at work.  To stop such an event happening again, A removed the knob! lol!


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