Blogger Gathering 2010 @HRC KL

The night was perfect for a bike ride so me and Azwaj decided to just take the motorbike to the Blogger Gathering at Hard Rock Cafe. Upon arrival, A spotted the motorcycle bay and though it stated there  it was for big bikes only (they should use a scanner software and put up a picture and and show us how big is big), he decided to give it a try and park there… after all we were going to be paying customers. As we were talking to Bem and Soulie, who we met upon arrival, someone from HRC asked A to move his bike as “small” bikes were not allowed there…lol! oh well, luckily the parking for bikes was not that far away.

We had lots of fun yesterday and here are just some of the pictures from the evening.. More pictures to come for sure..and the food images would naturally go to my food blog so look out for those too..;)

Blogger Gathering 2010 KL

Blogger Gathering 2010 KL

The Blogging Ladies

The Blogging Ladies

The blogging ladies

Emila, GP and LJ (who?.. lol)


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