We have Unifi!

unifi technicians

unifi technicians hard at work

I love it when scheduled jobs go as planned.

The day started bright and early for us today. Yeap, as early as 6am. We showered and by 7am, we were ready to leave the apartment to go to mama’s grave. As expected, we met Abah there. He still goes to visit late-mama EVERY morning since April 8th! After breakfast, we went to Abah’s house for a bit and and rushed back to tidy up the apartment in time for the people from Unifi to come.. and they came on time (well done)!

The installation went smoothly lasting only about 2hours. The technicians tested that all connection was working fine and explained how the iptv works. We are now in awe as how fast pages are loading and Azwaj’s download of 350mb only took 5minutes!

We are now currently on the VIP10 package as we still have one more year to go with P1 package.. but if Unifi perform well, we may very well upgrade to VIP20 and experience 20mbps instead! Do you have Unifi? How do you like it?


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