The Memory Lives On

Mama passed away exactly one month ago today.  Her memories still linger on in our minds and the feeling of grief is still fresh.

This is especially so for Abah who lost his life partner of 43years. He lost a wife, a soul partner, a best friend and a lover, all in one go.  He is coping the best he can but he keeps telling us that he feels that his time on earth is not long either. He is having difficulty breathing sometimes but he refuses to go to the clinic to get checked out. He even stopped taking his vitamins that he takes religiously when mama was still around. It’s like he wants to join mama.

It’s so sad to see him like this but there is nothing we can do except to just give him moral support and be with him so that he does not feel lonely. My sister-in-law would stay with him in the morning through lunch and Azwaj and myself would visit him in the evenings and stay with him through dinner. Our only hope is he stays strong and not give up on living.


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