I had my fair share of high heels, short skirts, high slits maxi and skimpy clothing in my younger days and I dare say I was very confident when wearing them. I didn’t wobble when I walked, I didn’t desperately grab my slits when they get blown by the wind  and I didn’t shy away when my skirt ride up my thighs when I sat. I also didn’t desperately cover my boobs when a little cleavage was showing as my straps fell away from my shoulders.

So I got very amused the other day when I saw a stylishly dressed lady exiting a taxi desperately holding on to her slit so that it didn’t part and walking away looking like she was in pain as she wobbled in her stiletto. Made me think she better include “falling due to walking in high heels” as part of her risk in her life insurance quote.

I always believe you should wear anything you have on with confidence and with that confidence, you could look stylish in tshirt and shorts. Without confidence, even a Versace would look drappy on you!



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