A Usual Day

When you have been married for 10years, it gets easier when it comes to celebrating birthdays and wedding anniversary. Why? Because, if you’re like me and my Azwaj, we don’t celebrate at all. Lol!

No Outer Banks rentals vacations, no special candlelight dinner, no flowers and no gifts… and I, as the woman, seriously don’t mind! I mean we eat out almost everyday and we eat anything that catches our fancy without having to wait for a special day. I don’t need flowers dying on me on the the 3rd day and well as for gift, just a few weeks before our anniversary, we already went shopping so there’s nothing really we need or want!

So yes. Birthdays and anniversaries are as usual days for us. We just take it easy on those days. In fact, staying home, being lazy, watching tv and just laying in bed, are the best presents that the both of us can ask for these days


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