Too Small

We have two bathroom in this apartment. One is in the master bedroom, which is really small and has the toilet and stone sink right smack in the center, and the other is the common one, which is relatively bigger. Both me and A decided that because of the size and the also because of the water pressure, we will use the bigger bathroom and keep the one in the master bedroom as a spare.

However recently we found that common bathroom sort of “leaks” into the the kitty room. The wall that share together has water stains and causing the paintwork to peel. Not good. So my handyman, that’s my Azwaj, is doing a little repair work on the area, thus rendering the bathroom not usable at the moment.

We are now using the bathroom in the master bedroom but simply because I’m a cat in my past life, I’m a creature of habit and that bathroom really needs getting use to.. it’s just too small! Can’t wait for my bigger bathroom to not leak anymore!


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