Not All Doctors Know What They Are Doing**

Yesterday mama feeding tube got to be changed to a new one. Since mama is bed ridden the only way to bring her to the hospital is via ambulance so instead Abah decided to call this doctor who did house call, with a nearby clinic, to come over.

The Doctor came over, cleaned mama’s mouth and got rid of some secretion from mama’s throat. Then she put in the tube. However, apparently she didn’t do a good job as the tube was push way too inside so much so that it was not possible to feed mama. The doctor came back and reinserted the tube. This time when the SIL started to feed mama, the food came back out!

So now, Abah decided there is no way out but to call for the ambulance and bring once again to Damai Hospital to see what went wrong. Hopefully mama does not have to be readmitted 🙁


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