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Top Speed

A’s client called him frantically today asking where he could get macbook memory. Apparently he need to upgrade his system immediately for a project he’s doing and he don’t know where to get the memory he needs. He’s pretty sure A knows the information and he was right. Within a few hours, he was at […]

A Usual Day

When you have been married for 10years, it gets easier when it comes to celebrating birthdays and wedding anniversary. Why? Because, if you’re like me and my Azwaj, we don’t celebrate at all. Lol! No Outer Banks rentals vacations, no special candlelight dinner, no flowers and no gifts… and I, as the woman, seriously don’t […]

To the Caretakers!

Almost everyone I know, knows someone who has cancer. Not Mesothelioma Cancer, but the common cancer, if you can call it, like lung, throat, pancreas and colon cancer. It could be someone in the immediate family, like my mother-in-law, or it could be someone we know only in passing. My MIL was the last person […]

A Decade of Bliss**

Darling Azwaj.. We’ve made it babeh.. we made it 10years. My love for you only deepens with time and nothing would ever make you love you any less.. I love you because you make me feel special and most of all because….. you Take Me The Way I Am!! Happy 10 Darling!! Your darling.. First […]

Be Responsible

People nowadays are promiscuous. I’m not being judgmental. I’m just making an observation so please don’t get on the offensive. The number of people contracting sexually transmitted disease like syphilis and herpes simplex virus are on the rise. People need to learn that if they lead promiscuous lifestyle, they need to be responsible. Women, don’t […]

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