YouSayToo Dream Gift **

I’ve recently added my blogs at a site called YouSayToo. The site basically pull feeds from my selected blog and display it to other members, potentially bringing in more traffic of course 🙂

Currently YouSayToo is hosting holiday awards for the 10 coolest blog authors in the worldwideweb. All I have to do is blog about the contest and let them know what my $1000 holiday dream gift is and why I want it. So here goes..

  1. What your $1,000 holiday dream gift is and why you want it
    • I want an IPhone! I’m a full time blogger and all the features that the phone have would come in handy.
  2. Which of YouSayToo’s fun gifts you like the most
    • I love the look of the Retro Web Cam. It is so awesome looking! The tripod would come in handy too in case you to take a picture of yourself to post at your blog.. lol!

  3. Why your blog should win.
    • I love to blog and it shows in all the blogs that I have. I try to keep my post entertaining, fun and informative with jokes, general information, tutorial and blogging tips. My blog should win because it’s a winner 🙂


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