Tiring Day

Our day started early this Monday at 8am with me and Azwaj bringing breakfast for Abah and Mama. But by the time we arrived, Abah had just settled Mama’s breakfast and morning wash and she was already lying comfortably on the bed.

According to Abah, Mama’s condition has not been good since yesterday because she didn’t have any appetite and have not been eating well. Abah suspects that the cancer had gone to the bone but can’t be sure without proper testing and since mama’s condition has not improved, the doctor didn’t want to carry out any more tests on her. As Mama slip in and out of sleep, Abah told us that Mama had said she was going somewhere soon and when asked where, she said she didn’t know where and when but she just knows that she is going. Could it just be the brain tumor speaking?

After helping Abah out with the laundry, Mama requested for me to clip her fingernails. It seems that each time Azwaj tries to do it, Mama would pull her hands or legs. However I managed to do it and all through the day, I can see her “admiring” her nails.. lol!..

Then comes lunch which could last anything between 30 minutes to an hour. Fortunately though this time around she had her appetite back and she ate a bowl of porridge, two slices of bread that Abah laced with some supplements, a banana fritter, and a pear. In the meantime, Abah took this opportunity to do some of his own paperwork like paying bills, checking out motorhome warranty and what not.

Another thing about Mama’s situation is that she can hardly sleep and she dose in and out of sleep every 2 or 3 minutes. When she wakes up, she want company and is always asking for reassurance and she would go like “is this ok”, “am I doing it right” or “can I do this” etc etc.. . So we take turns to always be around her and reassuring her.

Next, we left at around 3pm to do our own grocery shopping. We only later return to Mama and Abah at around 6.30pm. I then fed Mama dinner (another round of good appetite.. I think she enjoys me feeding her.. lol), had our dinner there and return home at around 9pm totally exhausted.

My day is still not done. I still have tonnes to do online but I am so sleepy already.. sigh!!


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