Random Rambling

Azwaj really got me breaking sweat yesterday when he called to let me know Mama might be staying at our place for a while. As I mentioned in my other blog, I went on super LJ mode, mopping the floor, cleaning the Toilets and even spring cleaning the guest room so that Mama and Abah would be comfortable, only to be told that they are not coming after all 🙁

Oh well, nothing like a little stressed situation to get the laziness out of the system eh? lol! … Anyway, I can’t believe that today is already Friday. Where did my week go? I still remember last Saturday when I picked my songs for Music Monday and now it’s time to pick another three song AGAIN.. lol!

I still got tons to do before going back to Singapore next Friday to attend my niece’s wedding. There’s custom banners to do and layout to finish. Am also hoping Awan would be ok enough to visit the vet to get spayed on Monday and wishing that the incision would not be too big so that there will be no need to revisit the vet to open any stitches (or so Doc Sharon told me).

So much thing.. so little time to do it.. Life is good 😉


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