Predictions for 2010 *

Last year my Chinese Horoscope had great things to say about the year 2009 for me. It predicted great opportunities and me making great progress in my career… and guess what, it was true. My online business prospered like I never imagined and great and new opportunities did open up for me.

This year, my zodiac horoscope for 2010 promised Pisceans another great year in career, finance, health and love department.

It is predicted that my professional status would improve, there would be good gains from investments and speculation (which sets me to think to hold on to that investment portfolio for another year) and marriage and love ties would also remain strong. Health wise, Pisceans are predicted to remain healthy throughout the year though we are advised to stay off junk food (oh no!)

On that note, I’m so looking forward to 2010. I hope you are too! Happy New Year Everyone!


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