Mood: In Love**

I just love weddings and that is what I’m doing in Singapore this week. Attending my niece’s wedding ceremony.

I love everything about wedding… the bride and groom, the bridal dais, the flowers, the guest with the glamorous clothing and of course the food! I also love the mood that it sets me in.. all lovey and romantic as I reminisced my own wedding and the feelings that enveloped me on that day.. and since I’m in the mood for love… here’s a quiz that tells me..

My Love is Blue

When you love someone, you give your heart entirely to them. You believe love is an unconditional, unselfish act. (Sooo true… I give My ALL)

You don’t love half-way. You are “all in” whenever you are in love, and you don’t hold back. (nope.. i don’t hold back!)

You find it easy to fall in love. You accept people as they are, and you even can love someone’s flaws. (I love the good and all the flaws.. the same way I expect them to do the same to me )

Because you are so loving and caring, you are incredibly easy to love in return. Your heart is open and ready to be filled. ( I hope so!. Do you love me?!)

And here’s a shout out to my niece, Erwani and her husband, Irwan, who got solemnized today at about 4.30pm.
May they have a lifetime of happiness and love!


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