Mama's Clinic Visit

Just returned home in time to avoid the heavy rain.


We were at the Oncology Clinic of the KL General Hospital this morning where Mama had her second clinic visit since her hospitalization and radiotherapy treatment in December . The doctor was really impressed with Mama’s progress as she is now able to control her hand movement well and her lungs (which was partially removed due to the cancer in May) is also doing very well, no wheezing and not making any strange noises. The doctor also said that with proper physiotherapy Mama may even get strong enough to walk again!

Abah asked the doctor about Mama’s short memory span and also her state of confusion and was told that is normal for patients with brain tumor. Overall, the clinic visit went great and Mama’s next appointment is on 11 February 2010.

Once home, mama was tired but we managed to feed her lunch and her medicine before she totally fell into a deep slumber. Since abah said he could manage for the afternoon, we left to get some Anilox for Azwaj’s client and then hurry home before it rained.


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