The Brain Tumor is Acting Up

Mama have been rambling non-stop from yesterday. She started spelling her name and everyone else’s for that matter. She started calling tv stands for example as something else and she also started counting non-stop.

She also called us by different names. For example, she started calling out my name yesterday and I rushed to her side.. but she said..

Mama: LJ LJ
LJ: Yes Mama I’m here
Mama: LJ call LJ.. I want her to ask her how I do I go to sleep
LJ: Mama, this is LJ.. just close your eyes and try to sleep ok
Mama: No No.. I want LJ to tell me how to sleep
LJ: Mama, look at me and tell me who I am
Mama: LJ
LJ: Ok.. so I’m here
Mama: I want the real LJ (pinching my check, quite painfully I might add)
LJ: Oh mama..

I then went to search Abah and ask him what to do and he told me she might mean someone else but the name that comes out would be someone else’s and true enough when Abah pestered her to think real hard who she wanted to see, she said another name and it was her daughter, my sister-in-law.



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