Slow and Steady

Mama is getting better with each day. From not being able to move her arms, she is now able to lift them up, slow but she is able to. Sitting up is still difficult and she needed to be propped up by pillows. She still needs to be fed as her co-ordination is still bad.

Her radiotherapy session is over and doctors wants her to rest off it for two months. Right now she is primarily on steroids to try to shrink the tumor. They would evaluate again in that time before deciding further course of action.

Expenses have been high. From medication to diapers to potentially a live-in-nurse, should mama’s condition becomes worse, what Abah really needs now is a Medicare supplement insurance. Unfortunately in Malaysia, even the term of medical insurance is something that people are still getting use. Even I don’t have one 🙁

Slow and steady… that’s what we’re all hoping for!


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