She's Sitting On Her Own *

Usual routine in the morning is for Azwaj to carry mama from her bed, do a slight “tango” movement where he would position mama just nice for the wheelchair to come into position. This morning though, Azwaj was in the garden sweeping some dead leaves and abah said he would carry mama. I was on standby. Since mama is now strong enough, abah pulled her up from her lying position and then suddenly she was sitting up without support! Though wobbly, it was definitely a great achievement for mama. I rushed to call Azwaj in and we all had tears in our eyes watching the great moment.

We left the house in the afternoon and return later that night to Abah saying that mama has been sitting and trying to stand and that she has requested a walker for her to hold on to when she stands. I don’t think she is strong enough but since she is confident and wanting to be supportive, we went ahead to buy her a walker. Unfortunately the pharmacy are all closed due to the holiday so we will try again tomorrow.

All in all, a fantastic day indeed.. oh by the way.. Merry Christmas to all my friends and blog buddies who are celebrating this joyous day!


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