Mama's Hospital Bed **

Since mama is much stronger and able to move small steps now, Azwaj and his siblings have come up with a routine that have me and Azwaj coming in the morning with breakfast for abah and mama, and then a sister would come by around noon with lunch and we would go home and then that sister would return home around 5pm to be taken over by another sister with dinner. The system works and everyone is happy especially the patient 🙂

hospital bed

Anyway, we were home yesterday evening after returning from our morning “shift” with mama when abah called to see if we were able to come again to the house and helped out with moving some stuff around. It seems mama’s cousin had come over and offered a hospital bed that she had in her storeroom. She, a nurse herself, bought it when her own late mother was ill.

So now, mama is on this fantastic hospital bed that makes her so much comfortable and so much easier for us as well since now whenever she wants to sit up, we just crank her up 🙂

Thank you to Chu Nani for this favor. You have our gratitude!


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