Poor Darling Is Sick

My poor darling hubby is sick. He woke up this morning asking for the instant relief panadol as he was feeling all feverish this morning. He told he that he had feeling not a 100% since Monday but was in denial as he had tons to do. This morning however, he surrendered. After eating the porridge I made him, he popped two panadols and went back to bed.

Azwaj has never been a great fan of doctors and whenever possible he would self-medicate and try to get plenty of rest when he is down with something. I, on the other hand am a baby when I get sick. LOL! One day with fever, and if it does not improve, I’m off to see my family doctor.. lol! Speaking of being ill, I really ought to start looking for cheap health insurance. Medical bills are so expensive these days that we should really find ways to save in whatever way we can. I heard that there is even a medical insurance that covers you when you’re sick and reward you when you are healthy. Now that is awesome right?


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