Offline Time

Been offline now for a few days and though I hate to admit it, I am enjoying it every bit. Never expected me to not miss the internet but I found that I don’t even want to check email although Azwaj was nice enough to offer me to use his pc whenever he’s out. I guess it’s because it’s never the same when you’re not using your own machine. You knew where everything was, the familiarity of the software you used, the way you surf, your twitter plugin etc etc.. I guess what they say is true.. when you reach a certain age, you’re too set in your ways to change?

For now, I am just enjoying my offline time, watching all those tv shows that I missed, drooling over handsome doctors and cops (lol!) and oh ya cleaning the house especially that glass tile that I’ve been neglecting.

Catch you later people, when the mood strikes again and when Miss Fly is back! Have a great week!


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