Just Knock It

I called my mom this morning around 8am before I went to sleep. We chatted a bit about my upcoming home visit, my frustration that this time around I would not be able to bring Miss Fly along and the trouble we’ve been having with the car and that we probably need to get new car accessories to replace the one that was worn off. After hanging up, I went to bed.

I woke up about 3pm and noticed a few missed calls on my handphone and it was all from my mom. I called her back immediately thinking that something was wrong as she would not call because she knew I was sleeping. Well something was wrong, her tv set does not have sound, as in there are pictures but no sound and she wanted to know if she had pressed some mute button accidentally on the remote.. lol!


I told her that the tv probably need replacing as even on my previous visit I noticed that the color was a bit off. I told my mom to knock the tv set a bit on the side or at the top and she laughed hysterically saying that won’t work. I told her to try it and she said.. “Oklah” .. that somehow told me she didn’t believe me..lol!

We hung up and just as I was about to go to the kitchen, my handphone rang again and it was mommy dearest.. again laughing hysterically on the other line saying…”I knocked it.. I knocked the tv and the sound came on!!”.. She asked me how I knew to knock it and I told her.. “well OLD stuffs are like that.. that’s why sometimes I have to knock YOU”.. haha.. and again she laughed hysterically before saying “kurang ajar” (rude girl) lol!!!!

Don’t I have the cutest mom?


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