I Love Being ME! *

We went to Low Yatt today to send in a client’s laptop for repair for the second time. The first time was on 25th October and since it had a one month warranty, we sent it in again when the client complaint that the problem came back. The problem with returning it was.. A can’t remember where he kept the receipt and since shops normally want us to bring the original receipt, this might cause a little problem..

In came ME.. hahah.. I’ve always been known to get my way with suppliers and shop owners. Not sure if it’s my bitching or just my sweet persona ;).. lol! So guess what, A sent me to the shop today while he went to purchase my new desktop.. and guess what.. I managed to get them to take in the laptop just by being sweet and telling them that the last time I was there was on 25th October. He believed me and didn’t even check his paperwork! Am I good or am I good! Lol!

I love being ME!!


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