It seemed that after I got my laptop, Miss Fly, back from the service center on Wednesday, the problem of the system which keeps doing a scan disk on reboot still persisted. Azwaj tried to reinstall the OS (coz the service people mentioned that it might be the OS being corrupt) but the system keep shutting down during installation. So A suspects it might be the memory card as when he removed one of the them, the system was slightly more stable. So off we went to Low Yatt today to get the new card.

However, after putting in the new memory card, Miss Fly still keeps shutting down and this is during installation and now Azwaj suspects that it might be one of the memory slot which if true, is really frustrating as the service center people told me they replaced the motherboard already! He is suspecting that they put in a recon one and not a brand new one as Miss Fly, my laptop, is already coming to her third year and probably the company don’t make any more new parts for the particular model.

So now, A is doing the installation based on 2gb memory and hopes that the installation would go smoothly but then if my laptop is only running on 2gb of memory.. she would be Miss Fly no more :(… hmm.. perhaps I can put in some Ferrari parts in her. Do you think that would still make her fly?? lol!


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