One Week To Clear A Cheque? – Another RHB Bank Rant


It seems that I am complaining about RHB non-stop these days! First was the stupid cheque deposit machine that was INSIDE their bank branch which means I can’t deposit cheque outside banking hours. Then it was their policy of making bank accounts dormant after six months of inactivity and made me waste time going to their counters to reactivate it to deposit money and NOW …..

NOW…. a cheque that I deposited at another branch of theirs in Pandan on Sunday only appeared in my account today (Thursday) only to show a TWO day float.. which means I can only access the money on Saturday.. God willing! I don’t even want to think if they consider Saturday a non-banking day which will only mean I can access my money on Monday or Tuesday!!! One bloody week to clear a cheque!?!! UNHEARD OF!!!! and totally UNACCEPTED!!!!

Argh.. I miss Singapore!!!!


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