Why Are You Wasting My Freaking Time? **

The staff at the bank must really think I’m a bitch and honestly I don’t care one bit!

If you recalled from my previous post, I was really pissed off at a certain bank for having their freaking cheque deposit machine inside their branch which caused me to waste more time looking for another branch that had the freaking machine outside their branch so I can deposit my freaking cheque after office hours.

Well the same bank again insist on my wasting my time yet again. This time it was when I tried to deposit cash into a cash deposit machine into my husband’s current account that has not been accessed a few months. Each time I press the “OK” button, the machine would canceled my transaction causing me to redo the lengthy procedure for three times after which I gave up and deposit the cash into another account altogether.

Angry, I went to the bank’s counter today and asked them what’s going on with the account. They told me that bank accounts that have not been accessed for more than 6mths would automatically be considered dormant and no transactions are allowed until it is reactivated again at the bank’s counter.

Ok, I was about to accept the explanation and then I remembered that each year the bank would deduct RM10 for what they refer to as “service charge” from the account. So my question is, if you consider my bank account dormant, why do you deduct the money from my account and if I am already paying the charge, why do you consider my bank account dormant?! Valid questions? I think so.

The bank’s teller response was “Oh the money is automatically deducted by the system as does the “dormanting” of the account” and he had the cheek to tell me.. “oh no problem, you can just come down and reactivate your account”.. and that was when I got angry and I said “No problem? Having to come down to the branch personally to reactivate my account that you’ve been deducting money from each time, is no problem?. Man, I got better things to do with my time. You guys need to find another programmer and revised your system altogether!”

Now, I may naive and this might be very well the way it is done by ALL the banks in Malaysia but come on.. do you think it makes sense? They already deducted my money for a whole year service, why do they need to “dormant” it after six months of no activity? Just don’t disturb my account! Plain and easy!


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