Some Bank Branches are So Stupid!

..and that was what I was muttering away as I walked away from one of the bank here in Melawati. All I wanted to do was deposit a cheque and instead of being outside the bank, the cheque depositing machine was inside the bank and as you may have guessed (seeing I am a night person), the bank had already closed! So on how was I supposed to make a deposit now?! I mean, how can they be so stupid? Don’t they realised that people do their banking outside of banking hours! Argh!!!

Anyway, because of that, we had to go back to Ampang. Just imagine travelling another 20minutes to the same bank but different branch (who had smarter designer because the deposit machine is outside the bank) just to deposit a cheque, we wasted time, we wasted petrol. Arghhh!!

I so need some retail therapy now… I’m thinking Dansko shoes? lol!


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