Pulled My Neck **

Busy day today. Trying to get all things before fasting next week and before going back to Singapore to visit mommy.

Things done:

  1. Collect mom’s medicine
  2. Collect mom’s locket
  3. Deposit cheque
  4. Buy pet litter/food

The only things left to do are to clear A’s office of all the boxes that they dumped there when we moved and to go to TM Point to clear off some issues. Can’t believe their system was down from morning and nothing can be done. All their staff were loitering around!

Anyway, I pulled my neck this morning while taking off my helmet. I literally felt the pull and the next thing I knew it hurts when I turn my neck to the left.. Ouch!!! So I am in pain now. Took some painkillers, rubbed some ointment and went to bed at 8pm. Talked about early!

Just woke up at midnight feeling so thirsty and saw “House” was on! Aww.. Chase and Cameron got married! Yeay!

Am planning to go to bed now….my neck hurts!!!


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