Lucky in Love**

When I hooked up with Azwaj online, it wasn’t because I was looking for love. In fact it was the furthest thing on my mind. I had just fallen out of love and trying to sort out the mess I was in.. so nope.. love was not on the list. All I wanted was to have fun, clear my mind and soul and just forget about what had happened.

In a way, we were friends first before becoming lovers and like they say, that is always the best kind. And to find love on the net… wow.. that is something I never thought happened to me.

However, not everyone shares the same luck as I did. I hear horror stories of women and even men getting cheated and not only were their hearts broken, their bank account share the same fate as well, just like this woman that I read about today.

So whilst it was a drain on both our finances – there were no sms or video chat when we were dating – at least, our love story was a sweet one…..


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