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Friday Fill-Ins **

And…here we go! 1. It’s time for tvnight. Am gonna watch NurKasih at 9.00pm. 2. Singapore; it’s not a bad place for shopping. 3. I must be high. I’m actually enjoying watching the monkeys swinging from tree to tree 4. Photoshop is the best thing I have ever known. 5. My gift from Debbie is […]

Music Monday: Ayah (Aisyah) **

I’ve always loved this song and each time I hear it my eyes would well up. It’s a song about “Ayah” or “Father” and I can really relate because my dad passed away before he was able to share in all my successes in life. It’s not his birthday or his death anniversary but for […]

Award Time

Pink Lady Cheerio… First Commenter Gets Linky Love Thank you for commenting. LJ Loves Ya.

Fresh Air All Around

Ever since we moved to our new place, I’ve noticed that I did not need to take my allergy pills or my asthma medicine. The air is so fresh here and since we are all the way up a hill and away from the main road, we are away from all the pollution and dust. […]

I Miss Impulse Shopping **

I know that sounds so bad but I seriously do miss impulse shopping. When I was back in Singapore and with all the independence in the world, I would go into a hypermart, grabbed the trolley and just walk from aisle to aisle just browsing at all the products on the shelves, taking note of […]

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