I Want A New Laptop Bag

The thing with men is that sometimes, or most times, they buy things that are just useful. Being woman, I try to buy things that are useful and nice looking 🙂

So when I bought my laptop last year in January, it was just after my fibroid surgery and although just one week into the surgery, I insisted I wanted to tag along when Azwaj bought my very first laptop. Anyway, the laptop, that I later named, Miss Fly, only came with the default standard bag and since I much prefer a backpack, we got one instead. Now, mind you, it was only one week after a major surgery on my abdomen area so can you imagine the speed I was walking? LOL.. Azwaj grabbed the first durable backpack and we were on our way home.

Needless to say, it wasn’t my first choice and since he had been great to let me tag along despite my MIL disapproval, I did not say anything. A year has passed now and I’m still stuck with that bagpack. It is good pack but it’s just not that pretty looking and I WANT a pretty looking back.

I surfed to lots of site just to see what is available. I surfed to Circuit City, to E-bay and even closed and Buy dot com and I’m still looking.. I want something nice and cute and chic and either red or pink! Why or why are all the backpacks look so masculine??

Any ideas?


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