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When It Rains

…it pours…or so the saying goes… April is turning out to NOT be awesome for us. Can’t go into details right now but something is happening in our family and it is big.. not “good” big but “sad” big. We’re just hoping that everything is going to be alright soon and life would be normal […]

After All This Is Over..

… I need to take one of those European cruises! I felt like I cried a river and I need to replenish myself with more water…lol! Gosh it feels good to laugh again. The pain of losing is still fresh. I still hear and see Mufasa everywhere but I know he’s in a much better […]

Music Monday – A Tribute to Mufasa (I Won’t Forget You)

A Special Song for our Beloved Kitty, Mufasa, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Satuday! This is daddy’s song for you… [youtube=] Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. One simple rule, leave ONLY the actual post link here. You can grab this code at LJL Please note these links are STRICTLY […]

More More More!

The more sleep I get, the more sleepy I am all the time. The more I eat, more hunger pangs hit me. What is bloody wrong with me? LOL! I’m not stressed if you are wondering.. I mean, of course there’s the move but since we’ve done that a few times before, it’s all routine. […]

Music Monday – Idol Week (Jaclyn Victor n Hady Mirza) *

Yo Yo Yo! It’s Music Monday again peeps and it’s past Idol week for LadyJava 🙂 I’m just loving handsome and cutie pie, 2006 Singapore Idol, Hady Mirza that I am featuring him here again. This time it’s with 2004 Malaysian Idol, Jaclyn Victor! Enjoy! [youtube=] Come join Music Monday and share your songs with […]

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