The Simple Dresser

Men, I find, are generally a simple dressers. Like Azwaj for instance, he just reach out into his closet and grab the first piece of clothing item he gets. It’s so frustrating sometimes as there are pieces in there there that have torned collars or stained pockets. Or course he won’t wear these for special events or work but like I don’t think even for casual outing it’s appropriate.. I tried talking to him about it but he just say.. “noone is watching lah”! Well I’m watching.

Don’t tell him but there are a few of his old shirts already that I hid away and guess what, he doesn’t even seem to notice. hehehe.. Sneaky me! Perhaps next time I should place some tuxedo shirt in that closet and see if wears those.. after all no one is watching right? LOL!


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