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February is over and March is here people. And this March I turned 40! Yeap the big 40. Next Monday in fact!!

I used to always think forty was such a big number and for sure I will feel and look old and all that jazz but surprisingly I don’t feel “that” old but definitely wiser! LOL! In fact I’ve never felt better. I’m happy about most things. I’m surrounded by people I love and most importantly I’m healthy 🙂

I don’t usually celebrate birthdays and there has never been a custom where me and Azwaj exchange gift on each other birthdays but it is always nice to have a wishlist right… something that you strive to own at any one time. So when my BFF, Marzie tagged me the Birthday Wish Tag I thought.. WHY NOT?.. I am to list down 10 wishes.. so here we go!!

Apart from all that love, happiness and health bit, let’s go materialistic shall we?? LOL.. I took this idea from Jean where she put pictures instead of words.. in no particular order…

So should I start a registry now? LOL!


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