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How Addicted Are You to Blogging? *

75%How Addicted to Blogging Are You? I always thought I was 100% addicted to blogging but to find out I’m only 75% addicted came as quite a surprise and Matt actually said, perhaps I cheated. Lol Matt! Well.. perhaps I’m slowing down in my “old” age. I am turning 40 in March you know…hehehe… Cheerio… […]

Rooster in the Ox Year

I’m hardly superstitious and let it be known that when I read horoscope, I only pay attention to the good bits and totally ignore the bad stuff.. so taking that into consideration, let’s see what my Chinese star has in store for me this year!! Rooster Opportunities await you this year. You should have good […]

Me and My “Never”

There are lots of things in life that I never thought I would do. I never thought I would be an executive assistant for one. I never thought I would ever do accounts because I hate keeping books and the thought of handling other people’s money was beyond me. But, ironically, these are very things […]

MM – Close To You (Carpenters)*

Another song from the Carpenters… I had to sing this song once in front of my colleague at a Christmas party.. so shy!! lol!! [youtube=]From LYRICSMODE.COM lyrics archive Lyrics | Carpenters lyrics – Close To You lyrics Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. One simple rule, leave ONLY the actual post […]

I Need To Eat Less and Sleep More

I was going through some of my old post over at my woman blog and I realized that perhaps the reason why I’m not losing weight is because I am lacking sleep. It seems to have something to do with hormones (aren’t they all), called leptin that decreases with lack of sleep. Leptin is the […]

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