Teary Day

I can’t believe I cried twice today! And all while watching tv. First was when I was watching Stargate Atlantis. One of the main character had this alien growth in his brain and his memory was deteriorating fast causing him to forget who he was. Surgery to remove it was impossible so he will die in a few days. Anyway, they brought his sister from earth to Atlantis and that was when the tears started to spill.

The second was when I was watching my favorite soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. Phoebe died! OMG! There was sure a lot of touching moments there as well.

I’m really sleepy now because I had not slept since 6pm yesterday but we need to out today to send Miss Fly the other service center and get some home insurance matters handled for my father-in-law. I’m thinking that if I sleep now, I won’t not be able to wake up at 11am.. or can I?? Hmm…


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