Stargate Attack

Since my laptop crashed on me, I’ve had limited time on the computer simply coz one, it’s Azwaj’s pc and two because he wants to watch his favorite Sci-fi show Stargate Atlantis on it.

So instead of not doing anything, I’ve been watching the show with him. Although it’s a little far fetch for me, I must say it is quite awesome to think that there is a whole other civilization out there in the milky way and to be able to beam in and beam out into outer space is really cool – minus of course the “Replicator” who is out to dominate the human race and the “Reth” who feeds on human soul and is looking for new “feeding” ground and is targeting on earth if only they knew what co-ordinates to enter into the Stargate!

Hahaha.. do I sound like an alien to you now? LOL!

Oh I must say this.. Col Sheppard, played by Joe Flanigan, is quite the man too.. so it makes watching the show all that more bearable 🙂


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