One thing sad about being far away from my mother is not being able to share special moments together . Each time I return to Singapore, which is every three months, there will be so many things to talk about, stories to tell, pictures to show which will result in both of us losing our voice or developing a severe throat irritation from all the laughing. Fun no doubt but painful nonetheless.

So I was really excited when I came upon a site today that was promoting a different than normal kind of Digital Photo Frame. With a CEIVA digital photo frame, you can receive photos directly from a computer or camera phone from across the globe. Imagine the number of photos my mom will get each day from me of my cats, of the food I’m eating and of special events. And I can receive the same thing from her and other relatives and friends each morning I wake up!

The technology is so simple. All you need to do is to purchase the CEIVA photo frame, register and activate your PicturePlan® membership and start sending your photos from your computer or straight from your camera phone directly to the frame. As easy as I23.

Need for convincing? Visit the site yourself and experience the difference! And hurry as they have a special offer going on as well!


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