Why I Fainted That Day.

When I came back from Singapore the other day, I found lots of Azwaj’s jeans on the bed. I thought he was just spring cleaning his wardrobe while I was gone and thought nothing of it. I put it to one side and even forgot to ask or mention it to him.

Then yesterday, I saw a pair of jeans that he has not worn for some time on the bed. Obviously he was planning to wear it for the day. I asked him…

LJ : Darling, can you still fit into that pair? It’s been a while and it looks so small and tight.
A : Oh I’m wearing it for the second time today. I already wore it for My Evo Fest that day and it fits just fine!


That was the sound of LJ fainting and dropping to the floor.

Oh my… I really need to get the best diet pill available like..NOW!


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