The Darn Thing Won't Fit

Still on the subject of weight and how Azwaj can fit into those seemingly tight jeans, I took out my old pair today. One that I bought on our Langkawi trip five years ago. I know, I know.. it may be too ambitious and I may be disappointed but then again Azwaj did fit into his!

I wriggled into it inch by inch. Ok.. at least the thighs still fit.. Now, jeans are meant to be worn tight right?Ok.. After further wriggly it reached my waist..phew.. now let’s see if I can zip it! It’s a tight squeeze. I’m holding my breath.. nope didn’t work…Hmm..Perhaps if I lie down on the bed.. Ok ..lying down.. and still holding my breath…Sigh….

Darn it! I give up.. I may have found my collar bones this morning as I’ve mentioned in my woman blog but those diet pills are sure tempting right about now!


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