Second Place Is Not Bad

I was googling for the word “ladyjava” today.. just for fun.. and also because I needed an ego booster. Don’t ask me why though.. I just do 🙂

Anyway, guess what! The search result on the whole first page was all ME ME ME. Talk about an ego booter… LOL! It was me at MBL. Me at Technorati. Me at Twitter and Me at Blog Catalog. Well, all except for the last one, that is, and I swear I don’t know who she is. It was a nickname for someone at a forum and she refers to herself as “Java, a silly girl from California USA, who enjoys the game Poxnora”. LOL! Definitely NOT me!

While checking out the link one at time, one question came to mind. How come this blog was on second place and where is my LadyJava’s Lounge? How come LJL was only mentioned on the second page when in actual fact, it has more traffic and hits then LLP? So I did another search using yahoo this time and although it’s not on the first place, at least it’s on the top three. This blog is listed as the top two. I’m really confused now!

Perhaps I should hire a SEO master like Boston SEO to come and explain this to me.

Anyway it’s kind of fun to see a whole page of ME..LOL.. Have you googled or yahoo yourself lately?


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