Perhaps I Need Some Progesterone

I stumbled upon this website on the a progesterone creme but what was interesting read at the site was how progesterone and estrogen affects the woman’s body. Very interesting I might add. For example, do you know that the progesterone creme can actually helps you relieve and control symptoms of PMS caused by too much estrogen in your body? Too much estrogen would also cause low libido! Scary!!

Anyway, here’s a list of how too much estrogen can affect the woman’s body:



Causes breast fibrocycts Protects against breast fibrocycts
Increases body fat Helps use fat for energy
Salt & fluid retention Natural Diuretic
Depression and headaches Natural anti-depressant
Impairs blood sugar control Normalizes blood sugar levels
Increased blood clotting Normalizes blood clotting
Decreases libido Increases libido
Reduced oxygen levels in all cells Restores proper cell oxygen levels
Causes endometrical cancer Prevents endometrical cancer
Increases risk of breast cancer Helps prevent breast cancer
Reduces vascular tone Improves vascular tone

Hm.. perhaps I need to speak to my gynae about this soon.


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