I Missed It So

One of my roles and responsibilities that I really enjoyed while working was to organize off-site events. For one, such events are great because we get to go out of the office environment and interact with one another in a more casual surrounding. It also enables us to relax and get updated with the company’s development and directions. And best of all, it also gives us an opportunity to let our hair down and get wild 🙂

The role, however, was a challenging one. Every quarter I would source out for new venues and locations to hold the offsite events. We only look for top-notch places with fully equipped conference rooms and break-out room because after the main meeting, the groups are split up according to job scope. So the consultants would converge in one room and the administrative team would break out into another room. The food must also be superb as I was dealing with people who are used to the best things in life.

If that is not headache enough, the logistics to bring the staff back from wherever they were could give me migraine. I once had to call several New York Bus Charters company from Singapore because I had to make sure the staff who were working on a case there. get to the airport on time to make it for the offsite event! Phew! Lucky that went off without a glitch.

Whatever it is… I missed my working life. I know working from home has all the benefits and what not but I missed it nonetheless…


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