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Still Not Ok…

I spent a good hour talking to my mom on the phone today. No, it was not about best diet pills. It was about her eyes. She’s still complaining that after about five days of antibiotics and eye-lid washing, her vision has still not improved. The doctor did say that her cataract is at a […]

Still Normal

Ever since my mom short stint here, I’ve been normal. Normal meaning I would get sleepy at 11pm! That’s ridiculous right? For me it is. I’m trying to slowly stretch my nights but it is difficult. Even posting now takes so much effort because I would be yawning away and my eyes would get all […]

Who Can Live Without It?

As much as I love going back to Singapore to visit my mom and friends, one thing that was always nagging at the back of my mind was the lack of internet access for me while being there. Sometimes I think of it as a mini vacation away from my internet life, away from being […]

Stress Attack

I desperately need to get some acne treatment all lined up. We are into the last week of October and I am nowhere in the top 3 of GP’s Top Commenter List. I know, I know, it may sound petty but I’ve always been her number one fan and not to be her TOP commenter […]

Mommy Clinic Update

We left early on 22 October for an appointment at the National Eye Center in Singapore. Mommy’s appointment was for 9.50am but I figured because we had to walk slowly because of mom’s blurred vision and the usual “can’t find one when we need them” taxi syndrome, it was safer to leave at 8.30am. We […]

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